TFW Client-API


The Client-API is a REST compliant interface created and owned by traum-ferienwohnungen.

It is intended to maintain customer oriented information by synchronizing it with their central management tool. This will be most likely information for customer related properties, like occupancies or descriptions.
All data which can be maintained in the customers account at traum-ferienwohnungen, can be maintained by using the Client-API as well.
Support and usage are completely free of charges, but you will need to create a Client-API user account and the permission of the customers you want to administrate.

As mentioned earlier, the Client-API is based on REST, which means, that it contains APIs with different services. Each service can be accessed via different HTTP methods like GET or POST.
In order to use the Client-API, you will need to send your information to the URL of the service, which contains the information you want to change and the method according to the change.

Before you can use the Client-API you have to register an Account as described under the Landingpage

All requests will require two headers┬╣:

Authorization Basic QWxhZGRpbjpPcGVuU2VzYW1l┬▓
Content-Type application/json

1. With the exception of registration which only needs the Content-Type

2. You will need to replace the value which is displayed, with the login information for your user account (username:password Base64 encoded) as Basic Authentication. In PHP it is done like this: $basic_auth_sting = 'Basic ' . base64_encode($your_email . ':' . $your_password);. Your username is identical to the email address you have registered with.

Requests and responses will expect/deliver the content type JSON /HAL. Each request will also return a HTTP status code.

The Client-API will be accessible via different versions. The default version will always be the oldest supported one. In order to use a specific version, the content-type needs to be changed.
For example: application/vnd.status.v2+json instead of application/json. If you want to use a specific version, please note, that we will delete older and broken versions, in order to ensure data security.

Each service has its own documentation, which provides all necessary information for implementation, including the request URL, request parameters plus valid values, response parameters and the allowed HTTP methods.

You will find the documentation of the services at the end of this general part.

Our services are grouped in three different APIs:

It is only allowed to perform operations for customers and their properties if they are related to your Client-API user account (needs verification from customer). You can add new Customers to your account with the Customer service in the Account API.


Available APIs

API Versions
Listing v1 | v2
Customer v1 | v2
Account v1 | v2